The University of Chicago – Alumni Weekend Campaign

My clearest memories from life as an undergrad at The University of Chicago exist at the intersection of nostalgia, humility, and pride. Nostalgia for a time when lively debates about the meaning of relativity went on late into the night. Humility in asking questions that only began the difficult journey toward understanding. And pride for learning alongside some of the brightest minds in the world, and for being considered one of them. Being an alumna of the University of Chicago means I get to experience those memories for the rest of my life. It also means that I get to create new UChicago memories, thanks to the Alumni Association, whose core mission is to help alumni stay connected to the University.

Among their many initiatives, the Universtiy of Chicago Alumni Association organizes and sponsors Alumni Weekend, a three-day event that brings thousands of alumni from around the world back to Hyde Park for lectures, celebrations, guided tours, younameit. I was contracted by the Alumni Association to design all of the marketing elements that went toward promoting the event – via email, direct mail, advertisements, etc – as well as the signage and collateral used during the weekend. What a great way to re-engage my inner Phoenix!



This is a four-panel folded flyer that was mailled to the entire alumni network. The theme was “Where Fun Comes to Life” – a play on the less flattering, but age-old UChicago mantra “Where Fun Comes to Die”.  I had a few hundred photos at my disposal from prior Alumni Weekends and so selected the ones that I felt showed the greatest diversity – in people, activities, and place – and that highlighted some of weekend’s more popular events, such as the Beer Garden (above).


This is the twitter header used throughout the weekend to encourage tweeting and such! 


9×6 Postcard. I chose to feature energetic events such as the “GO Party”, coupled with the UnCommon Core lecture series, intellectual debate, and awards. But mostly, what I’m after is an overall sense that Alumni Weekend is a place where ALL alumni can connect with their alma mater.

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