Vision through Creative.

My journey into marketing started as a kid, with a sketch pad and an insatiable need to understand people – by drawing them.

I studied Human Development during my undergrad at the University of Chicago, expecting to put my curiosity to good use as a clinical psychologist.

And then a friend gave me a bootlegged copy of Photoshop. 

What began as an outlet to create, quickly blossomed into a career that has taken me from Yellowpages sales to entrepreneurship, logo design to brand design; mass market catalogues to skin care packaging; big pharma brand planning to plastic surgery marketing planning; advising on social initiatives to mentoring creatives.

What has remained consistent throughout my career is the thrill of activating potential, and of transforming ideas into powerful experiences – creating impact that at its best, radiates outward, improving the wellbeing of entire communities.


I am a strategic thought partner and co-creator, and love working with big, messy ideas and bringing them down to earth where they can become a reality.


My superpower lies in my ability to distill complex, expansive ideas into manageable, actionable components. I excel at organizing these elements systematically, paving the way for the successful execution and creation of innovative projects.

Strategy + Creative

The work I am most proud of is the kind that shifts perceptions, elevates unique value, and brings people together. Below are a few of my favorite projects.


Areas of Expertise:

Brand Development & Positioning

Mission/Vision/Values Alignment + Articulation

Brand Refreshes/Revitalizations

Strategic Storytelling & Visualization

Social Impact Initiatives & Campaigns

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