Dee Heffernan, Branding & Innovation Consultant

Areas of Expertise:

  • Brand Positioning Strategy
  • Mission,Vision & Values Articulation
  • Diversity & Inclusion Messaging & Internal Branding
  • Market Research Design & Facilitation
  • Innovation Pipeline Strategy
  • Product Development and Private Label Processes
  • Digital Marketing – Omni Channel

Everyone says they want to break the status quo.

They want to disrupt the market.  They want to change lives. They want to solve big problems. They want to revolutionize their business, their industry – the World.  They are inspired and full of ideas.

Sadly, most businesses do nothing with their inspiration.

They talk about it, they promise to get to it, they “brainstorm.” But nothing really happens.  When it does, the results end up mediocre at best.

And this works for most businesses. Not surprisingly, most businesses aren’t all that inspiring. Or great.

If you ask me, nothing is sadder than an unborn inspiration.

Inspiration, after all, is the catalyst of Innovation – which is all about making things better. Of making a meaningful contribution to this World. Of playing big during this one small life. 

My name is Dee Heffernan, and I help businesses find the clarity among the chaos, strategic direction for channeling community and creativity toward innovation.

Walking alongside inspired leaders and their teams, I help businesses develop the strategies, systems, and processes they need in order to build brands that break the status quo.

Check out my LinkedIn profile, where I frequently publish articles on innovation, culture, branding, or whatever I’m pondering at the time. You can also  download my CV here

Design/Branding samples can be viewed here .